Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble… isn't that how the saying goes? If you were thinking that when you saw the Bubble Bubble title for this game, you were probably thinking of witches, and they do indeed turn up here.

Witches can cast both good and bad spells though, so will the witches of this game be working for you or against you? Let's see what they have in mind in our review of this game.

Combination of reels and win lines

Five reels might suggest a reasonable number of lines, but would you guess at 50 of them appearing here?

Coin values to consider

Those 50 lines are fixed, so you can bet anything from 50 cents to $12.50 on each spin.

Bubble Bubble special symbols to look for

Winni is the witch who appears in this slot, and she is indeed very useful as an expanding wild on reel three. If she pops up as part of a winning line, she will also award a 3x multiplier to make that prize significantly bigger.

Winni's cauldron is also used in the slot as a scatter symbol. You only need to find two cauldrons to reveal a scatter prize.

Bonus features

If three cauldrons turn up in a spin, you get to choose one of them. This will reveal which of three - yes, three - bonuses you might play. Wild Witches is the first, with Great Ghosts as the second. The final possibility is called the Bewitched bonus.

The great thing about these bonuses is that they are all very different. If you intend to play the Bubble Bubble slot for a longer time, you might just get the chance to play all of them. It's a shame you cannot choose among them, but it does add some extra excitement to the reels, doesn't it?

Download and play the Bubble Bubble slot today

Bubble Bubble is a fun and entertaining game involving Winni the Witch. We wouldn't call this a horror theme, and it's not really a magical one either. There aren't too many slots out there based around witches, but this one would be a favorite no matter how many others might appear. With three bonuses to try for, there is a lot going on here and plenty of entertainment to look forward to as well.

If you are keen to try your luck, look for Winni today!