The Shark Slots

Now, if someone asked you that question for real, we doubt you would want to meet a shark. Even when people go diving in those supposedly ‘shark-proof’ cages, they can sustain a lot of damage (the cages, not so much the people). So, why would you want to meet one here?

For starters, this is a slot game, and the characters you will meet in the game are all cute. So, we doubt any of them – even the shark – would pose any real danger to you. Since RTG came up with the idea for this one, shall we see if we can find out any more about it?

Combination of reels and win lines

You will see five reels in The Shark slots, but there are just nine paylines in play.

Coin values to consider

Unusually, you can only bet a dollar on each of the lines, which means a nine-dollar bet would be the play per spin here to cover them all. However, the biggest bet is $45, which is attainable by placing five coins on every line.

The Shark special symbols to look for

You can look for a couple of scatter symbols as you play this game. The first is the shark, of course, and this can trigger some nice prizes. The second is the treasure chest. Both these icons carry the chance to trigger a bonus feature as well, so watch out for them to appear.

Bonus features

Three sharks will be good enough to trigger the bonus in this feature. There is a card game in store for you here, where you must simply guess higher or lower for the next card in the sequence. Get all of them right and your highest prize would be 2,700 coins – not a bad return if you can get it!

Three treasure chests scattered around will also trigger a good bonus. In this scenario, one of the three chests will pop open. Since every treasure chest must surely contain a prize, you will see up to 495 coins awarded to you here. How many will you manage to get?

Download and play The Shark slot today

The Shark is simply built and might surprise you with its treasure chest bonus alongside the shark bonus game. There are no free spins and no wild, but we don’t think you will notice that as you begin to play.