Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16… maybe someone called you that when you reached that age? While that might be true, it does not suggest the theme in this slot game. Instead, we have a truly sweet theme as it involves candy… lots of candy. We suggest you have something to eat before you play this one, otherwise you could find yourself reaching for some real candy!

Combination of reels and win lines

Lots of slots feature five reels and this is another one that fits that category. However, we don't get lines here - instead, the game offers an all ways pays format.

Coin values to consider

For the sake of betting, assume your chosen coin is multiplied by 20 every time you place a bet. The smallest coin is a cent, giving you a low 20-cent starting bet. The highest you can reach is $6.25.

Sweet 16 special symbols to look for

The Sweet 16 logo pops up in this game, and it works in your favor too as the wild symbol. It also has the power to appear in grouped format, which could mean you trigger an even nicer prize. The only thing it will not replace is a swirly lollipop, which is used as a scatter icon.

Bonus features

If you manage to win something in this game, watch the winning symbols closely. They will morph into new ones, which means you could win something else. There is a multiplier value that increases whenever a win is triggered, so if the morphed symbols do reveal another win, the bigger multiplier comes into play. This process carries on until you get no more wins. The highest multiplier is 10x, and if you lose on a spin, it resets to the beginning.

16 free games are also available in this game - appropriate, given the title! Three or more scattered lollipops are required to get these. You also get the morphing wins and the increasing multipliers, although all the usual multiplier values are doubled, reaching as high as 20x in the process.

Download and play the Sweet 16 slot today

This is a cool game if you can hold back your appetite while you play. If you can, Sweet 16 is indeed a sweet game to play. Will there be some big wins in store for you in this sweet, sweet game? There is just one way you can know for sure.