Fire Dragon Slots

The main thing that you need to know about Fire Dragon slot game is that it features Jackie Chan. That name alone is going to tell you everything about the theme, the fan, the antics, and all you would really need to know to get in on the action. He is as big of a name in the online casino world as he is in films, and the title film Fire Dragon is the main thing that holds this license slot game together. Featuring ninjas, martial arts action, and what you would usually expect from Chan himself, this is easily one of the best among his many casino outings, which is saying a lot, because they’re also good!

Fully Featured Demo!

Some games require you to sign up completely, put in a lot of money, and only find out after if the game is at all worth playing. They took a very different approach here, however, giving you a fully feature demo that you could start playing immediately, and leaving you absolutely no reason not to give it a try. The demo mode is actually quite fun, and you’re only find yourself regarding having not put down real money whenever the impressive jackpot comes by! We recommend giving that a try while you’re reading this review, or even for going to review entirely in favor of indulging. We won’t mind, we understand! This game is wonderfully developed, and our hats are off to the developers for making that happen.

Amazing Film Theme

Fire Dragon is one of Jackie Chan’s classic but forgotten films. It is not quite as famous or well-known as something like Drunken Master, or as American as something like Rumble in the Bronx, but it is considered to be one of his finest, which will become perfectly clear once you start playing this game. We had a blast as we were going around it, having not actually seen the film before playing. We saw it after, and it made us want to go back into the game all over again. We recommend giving the film a try alongside your playing it, and you could actually do both at the same time thanks to it being available on your mobile device!

Beautifully Designed

They did not spare any expense when they put together the lovely graphics for this game. Some licensed games only use images from the film as random screenshots that they pepper around the reels, but here, they clearly went all out! There was nothing left here as an afterthought, it all being hand painted, and looking absolutely breathtaking. It almost makes us wish they made a comic or some sort of video game based on this rendition of the game, as it looks so wonderful!

Game Mechanics

They chose here to make everything very tightly wound, fast-paced, and sprinkled it with nice features such as a random $5000 jackpot. Although you cannot group the jackpot, you can expect to bet on the standard number of pay lines, here being 20. This makes it very easy to sink into it and be immersed, which makes it all the more surprising with how often it pays out! You can expect a maximum win of 50,000 times any bet you make per line, and the usual suspects of scatter symbols, substitutes, wilds, and things of that nature.

Highly Rated by Players Like You!

We don’t just recommend this game ourselves, fellow players like you do as well! This is one of the most highly rated games by users on the site, which have poured in by the thousands favoring this one. Jackie Chan clearly has a following in Hollywood, but this also apparently extends to his online casino times. Don’t take our word for it, take the word of people just like you that are currently having a wonderful time investing in this game and winning a lot for it!

Wonderful RTP Ensures Decent Payouts

No online slot game is worth that single dime or minute of your time if it does not pay out. Thankfully, this one is guaranteed to have a very decent payout rate, which plays clearly agree with given their high ratings of the game! It is not just our opinion, it is the verifiable fact that this can play as well, pays out for more decently than the competition, and is a lot of fun in the process for that reason! Slot game winners agree, whether you play for fun or are in it to play for real money, this game’s free spins and bonus round will blow your socks off.

Play On Android and iOS!

No matter where you are, where you are at, or when you would like to play, this game goes with you wherever you would like. It plays on all kinds of iPhones, Android devices, mobiles, and seemingly everything in between. Mobile play is available in an instant without having to jump through any hoops, and you sacrifice not a single feature in the process, other than being required to sit there in your chair!

The Best Jackie Chan Slot Ever Made

This is high praise to give to any game, but we feel confident in saying that this is easily the best Jackie Chan same slot game that we have ever played. It is a crowded genre, which is unexpected, but they really hit this one out of the park. Whether you are a diehard Jackie Chan fan, simply love winning money on the Internet, or looking for mobile play experience to take with you in your downtime, this game is a perfect fit for all scenarios. Our only regret is that we only have so much time to put into it. If you want to join us and your fellow players and appreciating what this game has achieved, feel free to start with the free demo, and pretty soon, you’ll be sucked right in like all the rest of us!