VIP Club

The Uptown Aces VIP Club rolls out the red carpet, treats you like a rock star and makes sure that you are rewarded on the regular with the very best online casino benefits. With every real money wager that you make at Uptown Aces casino you are rewarded with comp points, points that make valuable prizes and provide outstanding rewards.

There are 4 levels to to VIP Club, and the higher your level, the better your rewards will be and to become a member you'll need to have an active account that has been opened for at least 30 days, and you'll need to contact the VIP team via customer support. Once a member you'll get a wonderful welcome gift, however the ongoing bonuses are simply beyond compare, and will beat any other casino VIP club online, and the details are right here...

Neon - As a Neon member you will get a $25 welcome gift, 1 point for every $9 you play and 25% cash back.

Downtown - Downtown members will get a super $50 welcome gift, 1 point for each $7.50 wagered and 35% instant cash back.

Midtown - Midtown members start with a superb $100 welcome gift, will get 1 point for each $6 wagered and a great 40% cash back.

Uptown - As an Uptown member you've reached the pinnacle of the program and to begin with you will receive a wonderful $150 welcome gift, you will be rewarded with 1 point for each $5 wagered, you'll get 45% cash back and you will also have no maximum limits placed on your best...basically, you're an Uptown Aces rock star.

All membership levels will receive the benefits of expedited withdrawals, meaning that you jump to the front of the queue when getting paid your winnings, every month you will receive exclusive casino bonus offers and deals, and all members may exchange their points at an exchange rate of 100 points = $1.00.

The Uptown Aces VIP Club is a club that really does reward, and as an online casino games player, it's a club that you need to become a member of!