IRIS 3000 Slots

Iris is the name of a flower, and it can be a female name too. But that doesn’t tell us much about the game in store for us here. Upon closer inspection, IRIS is an acronym that stands for Interactive Real Intelligence Slot. It still doesn’t tell us much, but the futuristic-sounding IRIS 3000 game does end up being very different to many other slots we’ve already tried.

Combination of reels and win lines

If we tell you there is a single payline in this game, would you guess at three reels being present? You might well do, but you’d be wrong – there are seven at most!

Coin values to consider

You can only play with a 50-cent coin in this game. You must play up to three coins per go in the game, and $5-worth of coins must be purchased prior to play.

IRIS 3000 special symbols to look for

Each of the seven reels appears as a door. Prior to each go, you must select five doors. The idea is to reveal a yellow hazard sign behind each of your selected doors to win. The prizes will vary according to the number of coins you ended up wagering on the payline. There are other symbols that might appear too, such as green hazard warning signs, bar symbols, and so on. Prizes can be won with other icons as well, as shown in the paytable that goes with the game.

Bonus features

There are no bonuses involved in the IRIS 3000 slot game. You must rely on getting the right doors and the right matching icons behind them to win something… and there is no wild icon to help you with that.

Download and play the IRIS 3000 slot today

This is an unusual game, as you have no doubt noticed. If you are prepared to choose five out of seven doors – or reels – before each spin, you should try this one for size. If you choose incorrectly, you won’t win anything… and you won’t know whether the other two doors could have resulted in a win.

It is a slot, but a very different one. As such, we think some people might try it for a spin or two and then go elsewhere. It is also pricier for some and doesn’t qualify as a penny slot. Will you try the IRIS 300 slot game today?