Mister Money Slots

Mister Money makes it obvious what this slot game is going to be about. The guy in this slot is clearly made of money, or something like it, anyway. He can buy anything he wants, and you will see some of his choices appearing as icons on the reels of this game.

This is an RTG title, which should tell you a little of what you might expect to see here. For all the details, read on to see what else is in store.

Combination of reels and win lines

If you have played plenty of RTG games before, chances are you have encountered plenty with five reels that also have 20 lines to bet on. This is another one of those.

Coin values to consider

The usual range of coins used in RTG slots comes into play here too. This range goes from just a cent on every line to $5 at most.

Mister Money special symbols to look for

It is hardly a surprise to spot diamonds in this game, given the theme we are working with. Here, those diamonds are worth a lot to you, because they are used as wild icons. They also have a 2x multiplier to help increase the value of anything they help you win.

Mister Money is a good icon to spot because five appearances on a line would garner 1,250 coins for you. Mind you, if a wild appeared with four Mister Money icons on a line, you'd get 2,500 coins instead. Wouldn't that be a treat?

Watch out too for the scatter icon, represented by a red and glowing gem in this game.

Bonus features

Those red gems are handy to find, because three of them will secure some free games. You won't know how many you will receive until you choose some bags of cash from the 15 shown on the screen. You get the same number of picks as the number of scatters you found to trigger this feature.

Each bag contains one of two items. You will either find three free games inside or a multiplier. You begin with five free games, so any others found in the bags are added to those. You also begin with a 2x multiplier guaranteed. Additional picks are added, and the spins can be triggered again too.

Download and play the Mister Money slot today

The free spins are the main attraction here, so what will you pick in the Mister Money slot game?