Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

This doesn’t sound like a traditional slot game, does it? We can reveal it isn’t. Instead, it seems to follow a recent trend of software developers known for releasing slots preferring to release something a bit different instead. To this end, you might like to take Cubee for a spin to find out just how different it is.

Reels and win lines

No reels here and no paylines either. Instead, a vortex is shown on the screen and eight symbols will appear from this with each go. Four monsters are among the icons you might see. There are also blue energy orbs that will boost Cubee’s power. Cubee is the cute character who tries to defeat those monsters. If you find weapons coming out of the vortex, they will reduce the power of Rocco, the big monster shown standing next to Cubee.

Which coins can be used?

You can play Cubee with just 10 cents per go, but there are bigger coins here too. The biggest bet is $50 a time. However, the progress you make in the game is saved according to the bet you make. So, choose wisely and make sure you are happy to continue. Change the bet and you will start again, although progress on the original bet amount is saved.

Cubee: The Travel Adventure special symbols in play

To win prizes, you will need to find enough matching icons coming out of the vortex in one go. If Cubee is stronger than the monsters that appear, he can win those prizes. The same applies if he matches them in strength. The paytable reveals more. There are no wilds or other special icons though.

Bonus features on offer

The game requires you to start in the Stone Age, where you must defeat Rocco to progress to the Piracy Age. Eventually, you can move on to the Viking Age. Cannons can be found and collected while in the pirate-themed section, and these turn into free spins once you reach the final level – Cubeeland. There are multipliers to be won in Viking Age, and these are applied once you get to play in Cubeeland. It is an interesting concept and one we think you will like.

Download and play the Cubee: The Travel Adventure slot game now

There’s some familiarity with slot games here, thanks to the free games and multipliers. But Cubee is good in other ways too, as you’ll see when you give it a try today.