Fish Catch Slots

Fish Catch Slots
Does this sound like a fishy experience to you? It is, of course, since the title makes that much obvious. If you are expecting a fish tank, some colorful fish, and the chance to match some of them together to win prizes, well… you are right on some counts. But be ready to play a game that is nothing like any slot game you might already have encountered…

Reels and lines

This Real Time Gaming title does not have any reels. It doesn’t use paylines either. Instead, you will play the game facing three other players, so you’re not even playing alone! Keen to know more?

Coin options

There are several betting amounts you can choose from whenever you decide to give this game a go. Select the one that makes the most sense to you and then get started.

Special icons in Fish Catch

We hope you don’t mind aiming at some fish and trying to hit them, because that is your aim here – literally! The good news is that a successful hit does produce a prize. Not all fish are worth the same, so some hits will bring you better rewards than others. The best you can win is 1,000x your triggering bet for getting the best result.

Are there bonuses to be won?

Yes, the Mermaid’s Wheel may appear in this game, and it looks as though this is a random feature. You could win up to 250x your bet by spinning the best options onto the wheel as it stops. You could land on some weapons to help increase the odds of hitting some fish too. The bet amount you were using when the wheel appeared is used to work out your prizes if you get lucky from it.

Download and play the Fish Catch slot game now

Fish Catch has certainly turned heads in the short time it has been around for. RTG does like to up the ante and try for some games that are different from anything else you may have seen. This is far from being a slot, of course, although some elements do pan out in much the same way. With other players pitted against you for this one, it throws in another interesting feature you may never have tried before. Make sure you give it a go to see what you think.