Incan Goddess Slots

The Incan civilization has appeared in several slot games before now. We have yet another one here in the shape of Incan Goddess, and you can indeed expect her to make an appearance in this game.

Since this is an earlier title from RTG, the graphics aren’t quite the same as you’d expect from a newer release. However, don’t let the 2D appearance deter you from discovering more about this Incan civilization.

Combination of reels and win lines

There are five reels here, as there are in lots of other RTG slots. They have also shoehorned in 20 lines for you to get some prizes on.

Coin values to consider

With just one cent playable on each line, this is an affordable game to play. You can go higher though, reaching $5 per line at most.

Incan Goddess special symbols to look for

The Incan Goddess does appear in this slot as a substitute, replacing most other icons that might appear to help you win prizes. The one exception is the scattered temple. The goddess is also worth the highest amount for winning prizes, with 5,000 coins available to any players who can find five goddesses on a line.

Bonus features

The scatter icon is once again the trigger for some free games. 12 of them are offered whenever you secure three or more temples on the reels. All prizes are automatically doubled here, and the usual multiplier attached to the wild is in play as well. That means if you got a wild win, you would receive a 4x multiplier in total.

The game also features Double or Something. It sounds like the double or nothing games we usually don’t like… but with a nice twist. If you win a five-icon prize on the reels, you can try Double or Something to choose between red and black, with a shot at doubling your prize. Get it right and you do indeed double your prize. Get it wrong and you still get the original five-icon prize. Thus there is no risk in doing this if you get the chance.

Download and play the Incan Goddess slot today

This slot is a simple game, yet the Double or Something feature makes it stand out. While it doesn’t apply to all wins, it does make things more interesting when a good combination appears.