Snowmania Slots

Some games are obvious when it comes to making a connection between the title and the theme. If a game is called Snowmania, you know there is going to be tons of snow involved, right?

This isn't a festive game though - rather, it is based on the snow and other elements involved with it. That makes it stand out, along with some of the excellent features it will share with you.

Combination of reels and win lines

Five reels are presented once the game has loaded, and these provide you with room to bet on 20 paylines.

Coin values to consider

Penny slots are great fun, and this one qualifies as one of those. There are other coins here too though, ranging as high as five dollars apiece.

Snowmania special symbols to look for

Snowmania includes an Ice Wild, appearing in a block of ice, rather appropriately. It doesn't appear on all the reels, restricting itself to the middle three, but it will replace everything else that could show up.

Bonus features

Whenever you win something, the winning symbols are crushed by the ones above. This causes them to vanish, the ones above will drop to fill their places, and others will replace those. You might therefore win something else through this crushing feature.

The bonus element featured above also runs with a Morphing Multiplier element. Whenever you get a win, the next multiplier comes into play. Win again, and the multiplier increases again. You can go as high as 5x your prize if you manage to string a few wins together.

You might also want to look for some gifts on the reels as you play. Three of these will bring you 10 free games. All prizes are tripled in value and you can also benefit from the crushing wins and Morphing Multiplier elements. However, the original multiplier values are all tripled too, meaning the highest one you could get is a huge 15x your win.

Download and play the Snowmania slot today

Snowmania does feature a nice snowy landscape and plenty of symbols that fit with the snowy theme. We like the Ice Wild and it can prove very useful during play. Add in the multipliers and the chance to win some free games, and you'll see the best spins here could be more profitable for you than you originally thought.