Food Fight Slots

Not a real one, so don't worry on that count. You never know whether that could end up getting messy. This game gives you the chance to enjoy a food fight without that problem rearing its head. You might want to line up some snacks prior to playing this, because you could get hungry when you see all the food starting to appear.

Combination of reels and win lines

With five reels and three rows in play, you might expect to see more than the nine paylines you get in this game. Don't worry though, there is plenty more to appreciate as you play.

Coin values to consider

If you like to play your bets somewhere between a cent and $1 per coin, you can do that by working with the coin values on offer in the Food Fight slot.

Food Fight special symbols to look for

Since most games have a wild icon somewhere to look for, it is always a surprise when there isn't one. This is a surprising game in that respect, then. You can watch out for scatters… although they don't appear in the normal guise.

Normally, to win a scatter prize, you would need to find a certain number of identical scatter symbols. Here, you must put together an ice cream to win the prize. This means finding a cone, the ice cream, and even the cherry that goes on top.

Bonus features

There is a bonus here, and you must find three ingredients to put together a cherry pie if you want to win it. Look out for the pie dish to bake it in, the actual pie, and a cherry - once again. If you manage to put this concoction together, you can decide which person on your screen you should throw the pie at. Well, this isn't called Food Fight for nothing, you know!

To win a prize, you must hit your chosen target with the pie. If you don't manage to do that, you are taken back to the base game. If you do hit your target, you can see how much you might win from the pie-throwing game. At best, it could be as much as 3,960 coins.

Download and play the Food Fight slot today

This may not be the most complex of games regarding the graphics, but Food Fight does not disappoint. Check it out and you'll see what we mean.