Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Hopefully not you, but someone clearly is, as you will figure out when you see the reels of this slot game. This is a fun game that doesn't take itself seriously at all, although it does highlight some of the predictable things that might happen when someone does have such a crisis. Can you guess what might appear on these reels?

Combination of reels and win lines

You get five reels here, but a smaller number of paylines than you might have bet on - just nine of them are included.

Coin values to consider

With up to five coins to play per line, you might assume there are lots of coins to choose from. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you must play 25 cents per line to take part. This occurs because there is a progressive jackpot in the game.

Mid Life Crisis special symbols to look for

There is no wild in this game, but you do get three scatters, which is very generous. One appears as a bald man, while the second is a toupee! A gold chain makes up the three scatters you might see as you play.

Bonus features

Can you find one of each of those three scatters mentioned above appearing on the reels? If so, you will get the opportunity to play the game's bonus feature. This gives you a chance to win as many as 350 credits before going back to the base game fun.

If you thought that was it, wait just a moment. Some ladies appear on the reels of this game, each with different-colored hair. Your task is to find a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead to unlock the Pick Your Poison bonus. You get to do just that for the guy going through the mid-life crisis, so choose carefully to see what you can win. The top prize for the round is a cool 4,000 coins.

Download and play the Mid Life Crisis slot today

This is a fun game and the symbols help add to the entertainment. If we could add a wild icon into the mix we would, but once you begin to play this game, you won't even notice it isn't there. Check out the Mid Life Crisis slot game now, so you can see whether you've got a chance to bag some amazing wins.