Ancient Gods Slots

Ancient Gods is a vivid online slot game that focuses on ancient beasts and exotic creatures that are beautiful to look at and powerful all the same. The theme of the slot game stands out as you play from round to round, and with just the right amount of time into the game you’ll quickly find that there are some features worth testing out. If you want a slot game that’s entertaining and nice to look at, this has something to offer. Not all gamblers will enjoy this slot though. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to get to know the game before you start playing it for real money.

A Low Max Bet

When considering all the different online slots available today, Ancient Gods has a pretty limited betting range for you to work with. IF you’re a low stakes gambler you probably won’t even notice, but if you’re a high roller this slot game might not be the one for you. That’s because you can go all the way down to $0.01 per spin of you like with just one of the 25 paylines active. If you want to bet big though, you can’t go any higher than $25 per spin. That’s not a whole lot of cash for a modern-day video slot game, and it’s bound to upset some serious gamblers that want to bet big. You can only be a max of $1.00 per line in this slot game, which means any wins that you get will be multiplied by that $1.00 amount per coin that you win.

Beautiful Graphics and Animations

We’re not exaggerating when we say that Ancient Gods is a stunning slot game. It’s beautiful to look at and is something that will attract you from the very beginning. A collection of Gems, idols and animal symbols come together to create a vibrant gambling experience. When you land wins in this slot game they are animated, making them feel more exciting and valuable overall. The slot is nice to look at and you’re sure to enjoy that aspect of the game as you test it out.

Slow Gameplay

Ancient Gods isn’t packed with as many features as some other online slot games are, which means that it can be a bit slow at times. You may go through many rounds before you unlock any sort of prize payout. That means you could become bored and get sick of the game if you aren’t a patient player. If you don’t mind sitting down and waiting for a mid or large sized win then you will enjoy this slot. If you prefer to get wins regularly, even if they are smaller in size, you’ll grow tired of this slot game sooner rather than later.

Free Spins

Getting three or more scatter symbols leads to a free spin round in Ancient Gods. To get the most out of this round you need to get as many scatters and wilds as possible when triggering the round. You’ll receive two free spins for each of those symbols that show on the reels of the slot. Getting three scatters to trigger the round leaves you with a standard multiplier, getting four scatters gives you a 2x multiplier and five scatters gives you a 3x multiplier during all your free spins in this special round. It’s possible to win up to 22,500 coins during the free spin round with the 3x multiplier, allowing you to get some impressive wins from the slot game.

Gambling on Mobile

Forget what you know about slot games when it comes to mobile. Ancient Gods runs smoothly on just about any mobile device that you happen to have handy, thanks to careful design. That means that you can enjoy all that this slot has to offer while on the go. You can play the slot just about anywhere that you like without having to worry about bringing a laptop around. Use a smartphone or tablet to play the slot and enjoy all the freedom that comes with that capability.

Ancient Gods is a beautiful slot, it offers some decent payouts and it has a good free spin feature. It’s a pretty flexible game that will work on most mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right game for every sort of gambler. If you grow tired of games quickly when you aren’t winning, you’re sure to grow tired of this slot as well. It doesn’t have too many features and slows down often, making it better for patient gamblers.